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4 Popular Burgundy Hairstyles This Season | Hairstyle Mag

4 Popular Burgundy Hairstyles This Season

Ugh, we just love burgundy and when used in hair it looks awesome!

There are just so many ways to color your hair,  here are some of the best (that we picked) this week

These are the popular burgundy hairstyles for this week.

1. Thick Deep Burgundy – Love they way her burgundy hair glistens. The thick loose curls make this style even better!

2. Magenta Highlights – This look from @hairbypash is stunning. The magenta highlights over her long dark hair would looks absolutely beautiful, especially in the summer.

3. Burgundy Curls – Her hair is completely dyed burgundy and although it looks pretty good, her curls are what really make this hairstyle stand out!

4. Cherry Coke Highlights – These cherry coke highlights over her dark red hair make me want to go get my hair colored right now!
Check back often for more popular hair colors and tricks as we will be posting more soon!

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