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5 Summer Braided Hairstyles | Hairstyle Mag

5 Summer Braided Hairstyles

5 fun summer braided hairstyles
5 braided hairstyles that are really cute and great for during the summer!

suspended infinity braid with four ribbons
Suspended infinity braid with four ribbons from @braids.4.ever and is absolutely adorable!

side braid ponytail
Beautiful side braid into a ponytail from @goldenlockshs that is casual but super cute.

waterfall braid curls and rose braid
Waterfall braids with curls and a braided rose by @braidelybraid for a lovely bridesmaid.

braided pony
Side crown braided with a messy ponytail from @kassinka that is too pretty!

french woven fishtail
French woven fishtail by @kenziehairstyles for a fun girly hairstyle.

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