DIY How To Cut Fringe Bangs

DIY How To Cut Fringe Bangs
Cutting your own bangs can be pretty simple and easy, but there are a few things to remember.

Items you’ll Need:
– A pair of dry cutting shears
– Large cutting comb

Pull the desired amount of hair out in a triangle section.

Run a comb through the bangs and straighten them out.

Use your fingers as a guide for cutting, where you place your finger angle, this is going to establish where the length is. Slide down for a longer length, slide up for shorter.

Take the hair, turn and twist into a triangle shape, then comb through the hair.

Keep your hand close to the head or your bangs will end up looking too choppy.

Cut straight across the hair in a horizontal line.Rest your hand on the bridge of the nose for a nice and clean cut.

Once you begin cutting you must follow all the way through.

Your bangs should look something like this!

Your bangs should look something like this!

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