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How To Bubble Braid | Hairstyle Mag

How To Bubble Braid

How To Bubble Braid HairstyleMag

Photo Via: veckorevyn.com

Super easy to wear and it looks more complicated than it is.

Great to wear during the spring and summer time, but really can be worn during any season.

Items You Need…
Teasing Comb
Hair Elastics
Bobby Pins
Hairspray (If Needed)

Start with your hair down and bangs pinned back.

Take your teasing brush and tease a few sections of hair to add volume.

Bring all your hair to the side you want to braid and gather it together and secure using a hair elastic.

Section the hair above the elastic and pull the hair through the loop.

Repeat this process down your hair, sectioning the hair and feeding the hair through the loop.. Depending on the length of your hair is how many bubbles you will have.

Pull out a few strands to give your hair more a messy look.

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