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How To Do A Braid Headband | Hairstyle Mag

How To Do A Braid Headband

How To Do A Braid Headband
Braided headband look using your own hair. Why buy a faux braid headband when you can do it yourself.

This look only takes 2-3 minutes to recreate, so it works great if you are in a rush or need something simple that’s easy to do.

What You Will Need:
Hair Brush
Hair Clip
Hair Elastics
Bobby Pins

Brush the front sections of your hair and clip up using the hair clip.

Start braiding a section of hair on the side of your head and secure the end using a hair elastic.

Repeat this step on the other side, try and make sure the braid is in line with the other one.

Take one of the braids and pull it across the front section of your hair and pin it in place on the other side.

Do the exact same thing with the braid on the other side. Remove the hair clip and fix your hair until you are happy.

This is a quick and simple hairstyle that is really easy and you should try it sometime since it really isn’t that hard.

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