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How To Do A French Twist Updo | Hairstyle Mag

How To Do A French Twist Updo

French Twist Hairstyle
How to do an elegant French twist updo.

This is a beautiful hairstyle and is a lot easier if you do it on someone else.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t exactly come out perfect. A messier style can you give you a more relaxed look.

Start by establishing a side part, bringing the hair towards the middle.

Place bobby pins to hold the hair to one side.

Place your hand underneath the neck to hold the hair.

Brush the hair to one side, wrap the hair around your thumb and secure it with your fingers, twisting it a bit.

Use bigger pins to hold the twist in place towards the middle underneath the twist.

Carefully go over once with a bristle brush and adjust the top. Use a bit of hairspray to help hold the twist together.

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