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Rosemary Peppermint Shampoo

Rosemary Peppermint Shampoo
Gentle and effective homemade shampoo that works great an leaves your hair smelling lovely.

Coconut/Essential Oil Hair Cream

3 tbsp. Coconut Oil
1 1/2 tbsp. Cocoa Butter
1 tbsp. Apricot Oil
5 drops Rosemary Essential Oil
5 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
2 drops Tea Tree Oil (optional)

Blend together until smooth and apply to hair and scalp. Even fixture through hair using a comb or your fingers. Rinse with warm water after 3-5 minutes. Pat dry with a towel.

Store mixture in a mason jar with a tight fitting lid. Can be done up twice per week.

Rosemary Peppermint Shampoo

Keep your extra extra clean with a natural rinse/spray using Castile soap and essential oils.

What You Need:

1/2 cup Castile Soap
1/2 cup Distilled Water
10 drops Rosemary Essential Oil
5 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
1 drop Tea Tree Oil

Empty Spray Bottle

Put the Castile soap in the spray bottle then add the water and your essential oils. Firmly twist the top back on and shake the bottle to mix everything up.

Spray onto hair and let sit for a few minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

You can also use a light conditioner after using this mixture.

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