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8 Incredible Hairstyle Colors You Can’t Look Away From! | Hairstyle Mag

8 Incredible Hairstyle Colors You Can’t Look Away From!

No matter your style, there is a color for everyone! Pastels are fun, and can turn a regular hairstyle into an incredible work of art. Here are 8 of our favorite colored hairstyle photos for this week.

If Mermaids Were Real I’d bet their hair would look just like this and they would go to @rossmichaelssalon to get their hair done!

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An extraordinary transformation from @hair_princess_steph. Got all the red out and changed into a blue base!

Purple rain by @taylorrae_hair, beautiful colors and soft curls.

Silver purple hair art with a wavy curls from @tyler.art. So pretty and the color matches nicely with her natural hair color.

Awesome vintage hairstyle with a beautiful color combo by @amylara_squaresalon.

Great shot by @samantharichardsstylist showing before and after ombre hairstyle that looks really good!

Only took 7 hours and @hairwithsav really pulled it off! Had to lift out any warmth and tone with 10V Colorance, let it sit for 25 mins with olaplex (that’s stuff is amazing). Following that dried her hair and applied manicpanicnyc purple and pravana silver.

Neon magic by @vividartistichairdesign with a chic half up braid. We are just mesmerized, this hairstyle is incredible!

Be sure to check back often for more hairstyle color ideas, tips & tricks!

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