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6 Cute Hairstyles That Look Better With Bows | Hairstyle Mag

6 Cute Hairstyles That Look Better With Bows

Hair bows are just so cute and they go great with almost any style! We have picked 6 popular looks that are easy to recreate and look great with a hair bow!

bow ponytail
1. Bow Around Ponytail – Tie a bow around the base of your ponytail to give a simple look that girly touch. Perfect for if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to style. This is also a popular look among cheerleaders

headband bow
2. Headband Bow – Quick and easy and the best part is you don;t even have to style your hair. Just put on your headband bow and you already look cute as a button. This look is perfect for little girls and looks great with messy buns!

3. Sock Bun with Bow Clip – Really simple for when the average sock bun just won’t cut it. A small bow clip near the base of the bun is all you need. A stylish look without adding unnecessary accessories.

4. Braid with A Bow at the End – Love this look. Just tie a bow around the base of your braid and you have a cute look that is perfect for all occasions.

5. Side Bow with Bun – Perfect for those special occasions like prom or homecoming. Add a bow to the bun with a poof in the front and you are really going to turn heads.

bow curks
6. Half Up Curls with A Bow – This is another popular look among cheerleaders and it’s really simple if you already have naturally curly hair!

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