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5 DIY Hair Tricks That Really Work | Hairstyle Mag

5 DIY Hair Tricks That Really Work

5 diy hair tricks that work
Don’t you love the internet and all the cool things you get to read and try. One of the things I love is trying out new Diy’s and tricks for styling my hair.

Below we’ve posted just a few of the pretty awesome tricks that actually work using items you would never expect. The best part is you can try all these tips within the comfort of your home without having to travel and spend a fortune on a bunch of unnecessary chemicals.

1. Naturally darken your hair using a teaspoon of cocoa powder and arrowroot powder mixed together and lightly sprinkled over the hair. Inexpensive and all you do is running your fingers through your hair to help the powder settle.

2. Get rid of static by taking a dryer sheet and rubbing it once through your hair one time from roots to ends. You only need to do it once and works best before you brush or comb your hair.

3. Temporary highlights without using a ton of chemicals by mixing a sugar free kool aid packet with water and dipping your hair in for 20 seconds.

No harsh chemicals, no expensive trips to the salon. Just a fun and easy way to give yourself temporary highlights that are sure to last at least a month!

4. Remove buildup and leave your scalp clean by mixing a tablespoon of baking soda and apple cider vinegar each into a paste and use it to massage the scalp for a few minutes.

This is a completely natural way to gently exfoliate and remove all the oils clogging up your scalp.

You’ll be surprised how soft and shiny your hair will feel afterwards.

5. Reduce frizz by wrapping a tshirt around your hair when it is wet and using a blow dryer on the cool setting.

Towels cause friction when rubbing against your hair and the shirt absorbs the water while blow drying on cool helps to prevent from all the frizziness.

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