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Top Knot Buns

Top Knots - HairstyleMag
Top knot buns are in right now and they are so simple, great for when you are in a rush.

Top knots are great when your hair is too short to do a sock bun.

The go to look when you are feeling lazy or don’t have time to style your hair.

Top knots can be done with pretty much every hair type. Whether your hair is wet or dry, or if you haven’t washed it in a day or two.

Really, all you need for this look is one hair tie. If you have shorter hair, you may need a couple bobby pins.

Pull your hair up on the top of your head and brush the hair back

You can use your hands to finger comb your hair for a more carefree look.

Pull your hair up as if you were going to put it into a ponytail, holding at the base where you would normally tie the hair elastic.

Grab the remainder of your hair and twist and begin to wrap and twist, while holding with the other hand.

Grab the bun and tie around using the elastic, don’t completely tie around but most of the way.

You can also put your hair into a ponytail, wrap around the ponytail holder and use a bobby pin to keep secure in place.

You can tug on the bun on opposite sides to loosen it up a bit, and adjust how you like. You can give the bun a light shake to give it more of a casual look.

You can also use hair spray for any loose strands of flyaways on the side.

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