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10 Everyday Long Hairstyles | Hairstyle Mag

10 Everyday Long Hairstyles

10 everyday long hairstyles for almost any occasion. Most of these styles are easy to recreate and can be done in less than 10 minutes!
Formal wedding hairstyle with a half twist and loose brunette curls.

Fiery Flames
Fiery red curls with orange dip tips.

high messy buns
Use an old towel or t-shirt to make a cute diy headband to add to your messy bun!

Scattered ombre with messy waves perfect for the beach!

half up
Half up blond curls for prom shown from the side.

french fishtail
French fishtail braid that can be done in under 5 minutes with a friend!

curly waterfall braid
Waterfall braid with loose spiral curls and dark roots.

messy bun
A messy bun is really simple and is a great way to keep your hair in place and out of the way.

messy updo
Platinum blonde messy updo with a cute bandana.

messy blonde hair
Messy light blonde layers and relaxed curls, a beautiful golden blonde color.

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