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7 Simple & Pretty Hairstyles To Try | Hairstyle Mag

7 Simple & Pretty Hairstyles To Try

We put together a few of our favorite hairstyles for this week. What we really love about each style is they literally take less than two minutes to recreate!

Inverted Ponytail
inverted ponytail
Put hair into a high ponytail and separate a section of hair above the ponytail, pull and twist hair through for a super simple and lovely twisted ponytail.

Headband Hair Tuck

Use a headband and begin to tuck the the strands of hair into the headband around the crown for a cute headband updo look.

Knotted Ponytail
ponytail knot
can be done in the back or on the side. Split hair into two equal sections. Tie sections into a loose knot and use a bobby pin at the bottom of the knot to keep it in place.

30 Second Hair Bow

Take about 2 1.5 inch strands if hair, pull the hair back and cross the sections. Tie a bow, pull tightly and use a bobby pin to secure it in place,

Bangs Pinned Back
bangs pinned back
Just a small strand of hair near the bangs pulled back and pinned with a bobby pin. So simple and looks so cute. This look is one of my favorites as it literally requires no skill to recreate!

30 Second Half Twist
simple half twist
Take a section of hair from the left and brush it out. Cross the section of hair over to the right and pin with a bobby pin.

Take a section of hair from the right, brush it and cross over to the left. Yuck into the piece of hair from the left side and pin it to keep in place.

Simple Half Up Hairstyle
twisted half up hairstyle
Two small strands of hair pulled back, twisted and tied together with using a hair elastic.

Check back often for new and exciting hairstyles for you to try. If there is a hairstyle you want to see. Send us a request with an example image. Thanks for reading!

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