10 Hairstyle Colors & Ideas

Hairstyle Colors & Ideas
We love all the different colors in your hair. Here are 10 of our favorite hair color ideas for the week!

Long Dark Red Messy Curls
long red messy curls

purple blue hair colors
Chic new hair color from Salon202, pravana purple and blue highlights.

pink hair
Rocker chic hair, blonde with pink ends to the side.

braid color
Waterfall braid with chunky neutral highlights.

Love this look, dark violet hair dyed.

red hair
Straight cut hair dyed red.

style & color
Rich brown hair with blonde peekaboo highlights.

red hair with blonde highlights
Red curls with blonde highlights

blue hair color
Beautiful vibrant blue hairstyle.

fiery fishtail braid
Fiery red and orange fishtail braid.

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