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9 Long Hairstyles | Hairstyle Mag

9 Long Hairstyles

9 Long Hairstyles - HairstyleMag
9 cute long hairstyles perfect for everyday and any season. There is a look for everyone!

long brown hair tips
Long straight brown hair with blonde tips.

thick dark curly hair
Thick and long dark curly hair that is so beautiful.

blonde curls with a bow
Messy long blonde curls with a cute little bow. This is a perfect look for cheerleaders.

auburn ringlet curls
Love these messy ringlet curls with a rich dark auburn hair color.

waterfall braid with curls
Sandy brown waterfall braid and curls form the wand.

loose light blonde curls
Light blonde loose messy curls with dark roots.

dark blonde messy curls
Dark golden blonde messy curls, a great everyday look.

dark brown hair messy hair
Her thick messy locks are cute with natural looking dark brown hair color.

long light red hair
Straight hair with a light red color over dark brown.

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