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5 Pretty Hairstyles for the Weekend | Hairstyle Mag

5 Pretty Hairstyles for the Weekend

5 Pretty Hairstyles for the Weekend!
Trying new and exciting hairstyles is a fun way to find which look best suits you. What works for others may not be the best look for you. You won’t find out if you don’t try something new. Here are a few fresh and pretty hairstyles to give you some inspiration this weekend!

Twisted edge fishtail for #fishtailfriday
Image Source: Via / Instagram

Twisted edge fishtail for fishtail Friday by @haartraum.

blunt bangs haircolor
Image Source: Via / Pinterest
Blunt cut bangs with a deep burgundy hair color that looks great!

flower crown #long #brown #hair
Add a small flower crown to add a earthy or summery look to your style without having to change your hair.

cool braided hair
A cool hairstyle that is unique and for almost any occasion. Half up mini crown braid into a plaited fishtail.

long messy brown curls
Even though her hair color is really pretty, those curls look even better!

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