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Top 8 Hairstyle Color Ideas | Hairstyle Mag

Top 8 Hairstyle Color Ideas

As the seasons are changing, we’ll be changing our hair colors! Vibrant & fun, we’ve picked 8 popular hairstyle color ideas for you to find your next look!

rainbow hair
Rainbow hair colored with a half-up braid from the hairstylist master @Guy_Tang is truly an work of art!

purple dip dyed hair
Her purple dip dyed hair is a great combo with platinum blonde.

cotton candy waterfall braid
Cotton candy hair with a waterfall braid is fun, girly and for anyone who wants a cool look that reminds you of summer!

colored hair braid bun
Green colored hair in a bun with a braid wrapped around. This look is real head turner!

red hair bangs scene
Bright red hair with parted bangs dyed blonde. Cute scene hair that in our opinion is still a great look!

blue coloured hair
Kelsey showing off her blue dip dyed coloured hair before cheer practice.

rainbow bun
Her rainbow hair is fun, cute and can be worn any way like in a bun, with a ribbon!

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