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5 Cute Braided Summer Hairstyles | Hairstyle Mag

5 Cute Braided Summer Hairstyles

5 Cute Braided Summer Hairstyles
5 super cute and really simple braided hairstyles that you’ll want to try this summer

really cool bubble fishtail
Really cool half up bubble fishtail braid from @braids.4.ever.

five strand into low bun
Five strand braid into a messy low bun done by @abigailrosehair.

5 strand dutch braid
5 strand dutch braid on @n.starck that is so beautiful, perfect for Rapunzel hair.

beautiful dutch braid
It sure is nice to have your hair out on a warm day. A beautiful Dutch braid by @manes.n.makeup.

mini half up fishtail
Messy half up mini fishtail braid from @blowoutjunkie. Perfect when you need a qucik style that still looks really cute!

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