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7 Awesome Scene Hairstyles with Color | Hairstyle Mag

7 Awesome Scene Hairstyles with Color

Scene hair is so cute and has been a popular look lately. Hee are seven scene styles with a little bit of color.

Angled side part with dark blue streaks.
dark blue streaks

Dark blue with white bangs and a side part.

Purple peek a boo highlights with long layer bangs.

Dark red streaks in front over black with a bump.
red streaks

Dark blue hair and green bangs.
dark blue and green

Purple hair with dark blue and green bangs.
purple blue and green scene hair

So lovely, a single red streak in front on the side.
red streajs in front

Do you have a cute scene look you want to share with us? Submit your pictures and we’ll feature them on the site!

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