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8 Stylish Everyday Weekend Hairstyles | Hairstyle Mag

8 Stylish Everyday Weekend Hairstyles

8 Stylish Everyday Weekend Hairstyles
Do you need some inspiration for finding the right hairstyle? We’d like to share with you a few popular looks that are quite simple and don’t take much in order to style.

soft blonde hair
Her hair looks so soft and the way the color shies looks so pretty!

cotton candy curls
Half & half hair colors, pastel pink and purple cotton candy curls.

peek a boo highlights
Purple and turquoise peek-a-boo highlights, that looks pretty cool when your hair is put in a ponytail.

pretty blonde hair
What a natural looking golden blonde hair color and those messy curls really stand out!

plaited braided hair
Plaited fishtail braided hair with a golden blonde shine.
Image Source: Via / Pinterest

diagonal braid
Cute shot of a messy diagonal or “snake” braided hairstyle.

fishtail braid
An average messy fishtail braid is great for when you aren’t wanting to take a long time styling but still keeps your hair out of the way!
Image Source: Via / Pinterest

faux short hair
To end, this pictorial shows you how to create a faux half-up short hairstyle without having to cute your hair. You can even decorate with a cute little bow if you like.

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