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Beautiful & Fresh Summer Hairstyles | Hairstyle Mag

Beautiful & Fresh Summer Hairstyles

If you are going to the beach or having a wedding this summer, there is a look for you and we hope hairstyles below give you inspiration for that perfect summer hairdo!

Messy blonde beachy waves from @hair_by_zolotaya, and looks so natural!

beautiful navy blue and brown color
Beautiful navy blue and dark brown color.

brown loose curls blonde highlights
Brown loose curls with blonde highlights.

Dark brown hair with Carmel highlights
Dark brown hair with Carmel highlights

blonde braided crown
Light blonde braided crown hairstyle

love the dark and light brown
Love the blended dark and light brown with bangs!

Braided crown hairstyle. Made on brown hair.
Braided crown hairstyle made on brown hair.

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