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How To Do A French Braid Ponytail | Hairstyle Mag

How To Do A French Braid Ponytail

How To Do A French Braid Ponytail HairstyleMag
How to do a french braid into a ponytail hairstyle. This look is cute, easy to do and a great look for volleyball players.

First, you’ll want to brush all your hair back, then take a section of hair at the corners of the forehead, bring it towards the back and separate it.

Lightly backcomb the hair to add a little bit of volume.

Divide the top part of hair into three sections to create the French braid.

The left section is going to go over the middle, then the right section of hair goes over the middle.

The left section goes over the middle, then bring in a section of hair from the left and add it in, cross over and do the same thing on the right side of your hair.

Continue to cross the sections, while adding hair from each side until you get to where your ears are.

Gather the remaindering of your hair up into a ponytail and tie it off using a hair elastic, wrap a small section of hair to cover the hair elastic and pin using a bobby pin.

Lightly spray using hairspray to smooth down the sides and top.

View if the finished look:
french braid ponytail

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