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How To Do A Sock Bun | Hairstyle Mag

How To Do A Sock Bun

The sock bun has always been a popular look, mainly because of just how easy it is to recreate.

There are many ways to style and wear your bun, but sometimes just a regular sock bun is perfect for when are late to work or you are having a bad hair day.

This is really simple to do and we are going to show you how.

What You Need:
1 Sock or Donut
Hair Elastic
Bobby Pin

If you are using a sock, cut the toes off roll to create a donut,

Put your hair into a ponytail and center hair where you want the bun to be.

Put the sock or donut to the edge of the ponytail and wrap the hair into the sock.

Begin to roll until you reach the base. Use a bobby pin to kee the bun in place.

Finish by spraying with hairspray.

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